GLOG Class: Soldier

Class, GLOG, Janakota

This class is intended to be another alternative to the Fighter, like the hireling-focused Veteran. The Soldier is straightforward and excels at damage output and survivability. The starting equipment will need to be changed for your setting: the equipment here is for an upcoming game set on Janakota, an island off the coast of Yoon-Suin. Each set of gear here includes an item specific to a location in Yoon-Suin and is intended to hint at the character’s history.

Starting Equipment:

1. Yellow Legion leather armor, sword, bow, 20 arrows
2. Lamarakhi crocodile skin armor, dagger, 5 javelins
3. Tribal woven fibre armor, spear, bow, 20 arrows


A: Coordination, Deadly
B: Parry
C: Tough
D: Spree

A: Coordination, Deadly

Coordination: Once per round when an ally within reach attacks an enemy, gain a free attack.

Deadly: You’re at your best when things go according to plan. While at full Resilience, deal 1 extra damage on a successful attack per Soldier template you possess.

B: Parry

Parry: Once per day you can reduce incoming damage by 1d12 points. If you also choose to sunder your shield, you can reduce incoming damage by 12 points.

C: Tough

Tough: Once per day after making an injury roll you may delay the effects a single round.

D: Spree

Spree: Whenever you reduce an enemy to 0 Resilience with an attack, you can make another attack with the same weapon against a target within reach.

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