90 Gruesome Injuries


I like violence in my games to be ugly – if someone’s going to get murdered, I want it to be gross. Unfortunately I’m not great at coming up with gruesome injuries (or much else) on the spot. This injury system is meant to solve that problem for me.

This is the first draft, and I expect significant revisions – especially to the tables – after more playtesting. 90 entries was a bit exhausting and I’m just happy to take a break from it for a while.


If your character ends a fight with 0 or less HP you have been injured. Someone must perform first aid by rolling their Medicine skill and expending medical supplies. If you perform first aid on yourself, roll with disadvantage.

Next make an Injury roll: a d20 minus your current HP on the most relevant Injury Table (slashing, piercing, or crushing). If first aid was a failure, roll with disadvantage.

Gain the effects of the listed injury. If necessary, roll the listed recovery dice – this is the number of days you must rest before your HP can recover beyond 1.

If surgery is required, another Medicine roll must be made and more medical supplies must be expended. On a success nothing happens. On a failure the character dies.

Injury Tables

2 thoughts on “90 Gruesome Injuries

    1. Thanks! I probably will do some magical tables down the line – right now I’m not sure quite what I’d want them to look like, but there’s not much magic in my hack yet either 😛


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